Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Summer

I don't do this often, well, never until today actually, but I hand-chose the winners of Erin Moulton's two books I had up for giveaway because there were two people who I knew just fit the books. And so:

The signed ARC of Chasing the Milky Way goes to
Margo Berendsen
because she personally knows some moms who struggle with mental illness -- and this is the exact focus of this book. Enjoy, Margo, and may it help you in your relationship with those moms and kiddos.

And the signed paperback of Tracing Stars goes to
Michael Gettel-Gilmartin
because he has a son involved in theater -- and this book deals with two sisters and their summer working in the local theater. May you find connections to your life as a theater dad, Michael.

Hooray! Both winners, please email your mailing addresses to:

And now, on to other things . . . such as . . . summer.

The season that can't be long enough, ever. At some point in my life, I will live where summer lasts all year long, but until then, I soak it up while it's here. Windows thrown wide open, three meals a day on our deck, reading in the sunshine, walking my dog in rainshowers -- every single summer moment burned in my memory and stored in my heart.

Occasionally, on the deepest of cold winter days, I sneak the remainder of last summer's sunscreen bottle from the cupboard, close my eyes, and sniff. This transports me. I'm sitting on the beach, toes in the sun-warmed sand, watching boats purr by on a local lake.

But, right now, it really is summer, and I'm guzzling up every minute.


  1. Yes, I really like summer too. Looking forward to relaxing more this summer and spending some fun weekend days reading.

  2. Barbara, thank you so much! Yes, I am a theater dad--two sons who tread the boards, and one (the youngest) who is very talented too, but so far is too shy to perform in front of anyone other than his family. (Hey, there may be a novel in that!) I appreciate you handpicking TRACING STARS for me, and I look forward to reading it. Here's to summer! e-mail address:

  3. Oh wow! Thank you!!!!

  4. Doesn't it feel good to put the perfect book directly in someone's hands? :)
    Yay for summer!

  5. Smells return me to different times and places faster than anything else. Music is second.

    Congrats to the winners.

  6. Summer has hit this week with a vengence. Temperatures in the 90s, humidity 100%. The only thing to do is stay shut inside with the AC on high and don't think about the power bill. Enjoy your summer, wish I had one like it.

  7. Congrats to Margo and Michael. That was a sweet thing to do. I love summer, except for the humidity here in Pennsylvania, and would gladly live somewhere warm all year round, preferably somewhere with tropical breezes. Hawaii would be nice, but I've yet to convince the hubby! :) And believe it or not, I've done the same thing with sunscreen.

  8. Those meals outside sound great! I'd love to have an area where we could eat out and not feel like we were being swamped w/bugs. *shudders* Here's to the short summer season feeling incredibly long this year! =)

  9. "...reading in the sunshine..." You got me with that one--I need to do more of that! I can feel the warmth right now. Enjoy the season, Barbara--hope it's all good for you :-)

  10. That's wonderful how you matched the books to the right readers!
    I'm the same way--it rains so much of the year here in Oregon that I really try to get outside as much as possible this time of year--the best time of year here. There's nothing quite like sipping ice tea with a good book on a sunny day!

  11. As a teacher, summer is for sure my favorite season! As a writer too since that's when I get the majority of my work done :-)

  12. =) There's a reason I moved to Florida. Here's to perpetual summer and the winners!

  13. I remember those times- of finally feeling my fingers and toes again after 9 long months! Work moved us to Florida and I'm never going back. My youngest has never been in the cold and is constantly bemoaning her deprived childhood of never playing in the snow, so I might have to take her for a visit. I don't think she'll want to stay long :) LOL

  14. There are days, especially during the winter, when I long to move to a place of constant summer. But I suspect I would quickly grow bored of it.

  15. uh-huh...we see how your contest's roll ;)

    But seriously enjoy your summer!! My kids are STILL in school for another two weeks...arghhh so the summer vibe still feels like a rumor even though it's 90 degrees today.

  16. The nice thing is that it's not even officially summer till the 21st. I always tack a little time onto summer on both ends. :) After all, we don't have to give it up completely till Sept. 21.

  17. I love the idea of sniffing sunscreen in the winter for a trip back to summer. :) I am trying to soak up every moment of summer too.

    Sounds like the books will go to great homes!


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