Monday, December 2, 2013

Patches of Sunlight

People flock to beaches, parks and swimming pools on warm summery days. For the fun. For the warmth. To cool off in the water, yes, but mostly to soak in the sunlight. Even dogs (probably cats, too, I'm not very wise in their ways) seek out sunlight for afternoon naps. In fact, my dog is known to follow sunlight patches as they journey through our house.

What other reason would there be to nap on the stairs, especially when you don't fit on the stairs, except a perfect patch of sunlight?

And all the time, writing friends are patches of sunlight. They pluck you up, encourage you, warm you. Which is just what you all did for me a couple months ago when I admitted I was in a writing funk. So this is my thank you. Thank you for being my patches of sunlight.