Monday, September 16, 2013

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: The Girl from Felony Bay

Here's a book about a girl, written in first person point of view from a girl's perspective, but is truly a book that boys will love. Granted, I'm a girl, but The Girl from Felony Bay by J.E. Thompson is an adventure and a mystery -- and an action-packed one. That's why I know boys will love it. As well as girls. It's also a book I checked out from my local library but by page 88 I knew I needed my own hardcover. And by page 156 I did have my own.

The premise: Abbey Force has lost almost everything in the last nine months. Her dad's been accused of an enormous robbery and her home, Reward Plantation, has been sold to cover his debts. Worst of all, Abbey's dad's been in a coma since all this came about and can't even clear his name. Then the 'No Trespassing' signs show up on Abbey's old property and she and her new friend Bee start poking around. Turns out what's going on dates all the way back to Civil War times and just might right the wrongs done to Abbey's dad.

What I loved: The adventure. The mystery. The action. Abbey's bravery. And I also love how J.E. Thompson blends the contemporary with the past and weaves needed healing with recent times and the long-ago. It's brilliant. The Girl from Felony Bay is reminiscent of Three Times Lucky with its mystery and its setting-that-becomes-a-character. A great, great story and one I'll read again and again.

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