Monday, August 26, 2013

Things We Hear

Sixteen school-years ago, as a young teacher, I heard something. And that something sticks with me still. Today on The Kindness Project Blog I share about it. Here's the link: The Kindness Project.

Hope to see you there,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunshine and Green Places

As it's turned out, I've been a hit and miss blogger already this summer, but I've decided to go on an official blogging hiatus until September 9th. I need to soak up as much of this . . .

and this

. . . as I can before all the green turns into yellow, orange, brown and red. These are photos I snapped on early morning walks with my gentle golden retriever Teddy, and as August continues to melt into September, I soak in every breath of green I can so I can trundle through the coming months of gray and white. I do have an appointment to write for The Kindness Project Blog on August 26th and will pop in to do that. But otherwise it's sunshine and green places for me. See you on September 9th.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Trvial Stuff Isn't So Trivial

Last fall my thirteen-year-old daughter started watching The Voice. After several episodes she said, "Mom, I think you'd like it. Will you watch it with me?"

Will you watch it with me, she asked.

And so I did watch it. With her. More than once. And I did like it. So much so that we watched the spring season of The Voice together too.

But mostly I liked that she asked me to watch it with her.

This is a big thing with kids and teens: When they ask us to do something with them (even if it's something trivial like watching TV), it's an important thing. And I need to make the time, even if -- maybe especially if -- I don't think I have the time. Even if I feel like I could use that time to do something I think is super important -- like writing.

Because if I'm not there for their trivial stuff, how will either of my teens trust me with their biggest stuff?