Monday, May 7, 2012

Glory Be Winner (and an MMGM break)

The winner of the autographed hardcover of Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood is:
Jennifer Rumberger! 
Yay! Email your mailing address to: barbarawatson94 (at) gmail (dot) com
and the book will be passed on to you!

Today I needed a break, some room to rest my mind, and a chance to breathe in this fleeting thing called spring, so I have no Marvelous Middle Grade Monday post. Please return next week for a giveaway of a book that's been on my "I need to share this one!" list for a long, long time.

Oh! And did you know it's Children's Book Week? Established in 1919, this is the longest-running literacy initiative in the U.S. Celebrate by reading a book you love with a child (of any age!) you love.

And here's just a little taste of the spring deliciousness that lives around me.

Baby bunny in my front garden
My favorite fragrance in the entire world
A real-life Bambi I encountered while walking my dog

Take time for the wonders around you today.
And if you're looking for middle grade book recommendations, check my Middle Grade Monday tab or Shannon Messenger's links.


  1. Love the pics, hope you enjoy your break!

  2. Congrats to Jennifer!! Have a great break, today!!

  3. Congrats to Jennifer. Enjoy your break today, but stop by my blog soon. I'm doing a big blog hop to celebrate Children's Book Week.

  4. Our tulips have just started to peek out. We're a long way from seeing lilacs. :(

    Our wild bunnies don't look cute like that. Ours are large and demonic looking. Little kids are always saying, "Awww, look at the bunny mommy," and the moms are holding out their crosses in protection. :)

  5. Congratulations, Jennifer!

    Lilacs = Yay!!

    Enjoy breathing in the spring today, Barbara.

  6. Stina, EEK! And thanks, all. I will enjoy the day, for sure. To clarify, I will be here Thursday, just breaking today.

  7. i love lilacs, too! it's so sad that their lifetime is so short, because i wish i could smell them all spring and summer!

    happy bunnies and baby deers! i saw a frog in the harlem meer yesterday, which wasn't quite as charming :)

  8. Awww, such cute pics! We get baby bunnies in our backyard too. They kill the grass, but they're so cute. *sigh* Enjoy!

  9. Yay for spring! You have to enjoy it while you can.

  10. Yay for Spring I say! And yay on it being Childrens Book Week there too (ours, Canada, started as well} Enjoy you week and congrats to Jenn!

  11. Woo Hoo! Thanks Barbara! I'll be emailing. :)

  12. Cute little babies! We haven't seen baby bunnies yet.
    I had no idea it was Children's Book week! Bad me.

  13. Congrats to Jennifer! Love the adorable fawn and bunny. And of course the lilac -- I have some of my own and it's a delight at this time of year.

    Enjoy your break.

  14. Lovely pics! Makes me think of spring.

  15. Where do you walk?!?! Thank you for sharing the treasures you encountered.

  16. Spring is glorious. Glad to share its finery with you all.


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