Monday, February 6, 2012

Decisions, News, and a Goal

The input on my reviewing vs. recommending post last Monday was awesome (thank you!), and concluding that my love for sharing middle grade reads would continue (Decision #1), I proceeded with my week.

On Wednesday I received an email from Faith saying she's mailing my 25 pages back (a critique I won from Shannon Messenger). This is great news because I'm poised for another round of revisions on this manuscript. Her feedback should arrive this week--I'm feeling a whole lot of yay! and eek! all at once.

Thursday, I deliberated about my blog schedule, and after staring at the ceiling and finger-drumming on my desk, I decided that I'll be posting Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays about twice per month (Decision #2) and free-flowing with other writing stuff the other Mondays. Thursdays will continue my alphabet march as they are preparing me for querying in a pretty fascinating way.

In addition (this is the goal part), my first blog anniversary is in early April, and my goal is to have 100 followers by my anniversary. A special giveaway accompanies my meeting this goal, so I'm pretty excited about it.

It was a big week (and I even managed to get a little writing done). Next Monday I have something very cool going on, 100 followers or not, but today, travel the middle grade pipeline found in my Middle Grade Monday tab.


  1. Sounds like you've made some awesome decisions here. Best to do what you can do and not feel pressured to do more. And how exciting about the critique. I feel you're moving closer to querying stage.

    Good luck at getting to 100 by April.

  2. Hurray for goals!!!
    (sorry I didn't have anything more intelligent to say, but wanted to say something anyways. blame that on lack of sleep and full time job)
    I will do all I can to help you reach your goal.

  3. Yeah goals are good...even though I suck at them. I figure accomplishing some is better than none. I'm glad you're going to still do MMGM. Hang in their during revision. You'll get there. That's awesome that you won the critique.

  4. Good for you, Barbara. Goals are tough to stick to, but I know you can do it!!

    Good luck on the critique. Bet it's extremely helpful.

  5. Nice work on thinking on, then creating your plan. This is something I need to've inspired to get it done!

    Glad you still doing a bi-monthly MMGM ...and all the other blogging stuffs you bring to us!

  6. Shame on me for not clicking sooner!! I hope that helps you reach your goal. :D Good luck with your critique and revisions. Your blogging schedule sounds great to me. I did Mondays and Thursdays for almost two years.

  7. My Mon/Th posts work well, but when I posted an MMGM every Mon, my alphabet post on Th, I didn't have time for anything else, so now I freed up some time for those 'whatever else' kinds of musings.

    The critique will give me the push my MS needs to make it just that much more of what it should be. Thanks for the kind words.

    And Lisa, that is so sweet of you. Thanks so much for the follow. :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing your goals! They are hard to make, but make life so much easier when you follow them.:) I should be getting my critique from Faith back this week too. Excited and nervous! I need to get back more seriously into my ms, I'm hoping her thoughts will be the push I need.

  9. I really love that blogging is fluid. That's what is so awesome about digital, it can adapt and morph as we grow and change. It always comes down to the same question: What do I hope to achieve with my writing?

  10. Happy upcoming blogaversery! I'll tweet your followers goal, if that helps. :)

  11. Jennifer, we'll have to converse when we receive our feedback!

    Pam, yes---->to the fluidity. My blog keeps morphing as I keep writing.

    Lydia, thank you! And thank you again for the tweet.


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