Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Revising

*waves* *smiles*
*enjoys looking at all of you*

But I'm back--refreshed, invigorated, and ready for new adventures. While I was blog-cationing, I danced (but not very gracefully--okay, I really kinda plowed) through a third round of revisions on my middle grade novel, and ohhhh, it felt good to get this round finished. For me, revising has felt like ripping apart (make that annihilating) my story. SO MUCH has changed since that first draft. So. Much.

  • my story begins in a different scene
  • the chapters are ordered differently
  • whole chapters were trashed
  • new chapters were written
  • shiny, new characters were added
  • and my story developed a voice 

Whew. And that list doesn't include all the changes THOSE changes initiated. Of course, those lovely little bullet points aren't original or new or something you've never done to your own writing, they just allow me to see how far my story has come. I'm beginning to see the beauty through the mess. The water is clearing, so to speak. For me, writing is all about discovering, discovering what works. And focused rounds of revising work for me.

Have you discovered any secrets for traveling through this crazy process?


  1. I'm with you -- revising is what does it. I tend to revise a lot while I draft instead of just tearing through a draft and revising after, but it's still a ton of revising, no matter when you do it.

  2. I tend to write in layers. So a lot of my early drafts aren't so much revising but "adding in" all of the missing elements. Then I start tearing it apart. Glad you're back! I'm revising today, too.

  3. I like having a goal when I revise otherwise I feel like I can get stuck too easily. Having a deadline and people who are excited to read the next draft helps me power through.

  4. Welcome back and I like your new picture! I don't have any secrets to share, but I loved to hear your thoughts and see how far you've come along. Very cool!

  5. Marcia, Yes! I know what you mean. I revise as I draft, but--sheesh--there's still so much to do later.

    Jenny, I label it all revising but your concept of layers is what I'm going through now because my next revision focuses on setting and details. There aren't enough of either of those things in my story right now.

    Jennifer, thank you! And thank you. Sometimes just listing what's already been done helps me plow further. :-)

  6. Welcome back! Good job with the revision!

  7. That was a worthwhile break, for sure! Happy New Year and congrats on some great accomplishments. :)

  8. Missed you, Barbara! Glad you had a nice break and got something accomplished. I certainly don't have any secrets on revising. I edit as I go along. But it still ends up a big mess that needs to have scenes moved around, chapters deleted, etc. Right now, I know I need to add more details to bring the characters to life and make it all seem real.

    It seems never-ending, but I'm determined to start querying no later than March.

  9. Welcome back. I bow to your constant hard work. I'm sure this MS is twice as shiny as before. :)

  10. It sounds like you got a lot done, Barbara. I am still in the process of breaking apart my own novel and putting it back together. It's exciting to see it coming together into a slightly different -- and stronger story.

  11. I'm beginning to really, really love revising. Really. Thank you for the words of accolade, everyone and for the tips/secrets you shared too.

    Joanne, YAY for querying!!! You'll do it!

  12. Need to get back to my book next week! Looking forward to what changes come about. Congrats on all those revisions!!

  13. Wow, so many changes--huge changes! Sounds like your book is shaping up well. :)


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