Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Love

When I was ten years old, I spent hours snipping the word 'summer' from magazines. I found hundreds of different sizes, fonts, and colors. Then I pasted them into a collage, framed the collage, and hung it in my room. It lived on my wall through all my teenage years. Looking at that collage was like looking at a photo of myself.

But all my life, I've lived where winter also resides. The kind of winter where snowbanks pile up and cold breath is something you can see. And all my life I've dreamed of living where winter does not. Someday, I will. I hope.

But for now, when spring green pushes winter gray away, I celebrate. My insides throw parties when lilacs bloom or fruit trees blossom. As summer's heat rises beyond what most humans enjoy, this human sparkles. My writing perks and bubbles. I read outside in direct sunshine and walk my dog during high afternoon's heat. A meal not eaten on the deck is not worth eating. And coffee ice cream holds its glory when it's slightly drippy.

Summer. Sometimes I'm convinced it was created just for me. Is there a time of year you feel extra alive?