Monday, December 12, 2011

Blogging Break and Giveaway Winner!

I will be taking a blogging break until January 5, 2012, but be sure to visit the links in my right sidebar each Monday
for great middle grade recommendations!

And . . . as for my secret about having a paperback of a book not yet available in paperback, well, maybe it's not so mysterious after all. The publisher is Arthur A. Levine (an imprint of Scholastic) and the back cover of the book says, "This edition is available for distribution only through the school market." Although I have no ties to getting books through the school market, so, hmmmmm, perhaps there's still a bit of mystery involved. (But not really. I found the book--brand new!--at Half Price Books).

And now, the answer to one more secret! The name drawn from the brown paper lunch sack for
The Romeo and Juliet Code is:
Arlyce Muth!
Yay! You've won one of my favorite reads of 2011!!
Email your mailing address to barbarawatson94 (at) gmail (dot) com so I can get
this historical fiction doozy to you! Enjoy!
As for unraveling the secrets in this wonderful book, everyone make sure to read it and discover those on your own.


  1. Love half-price books. Have a good blogging break.

  2. I should clarify, I may pop in with a middle grade alphabet post or two in the following weeks. Perhaps. If I feel motivated.

    Carrie, I LOVE to buy from indie stores when I can (Amazon makes me shiver--I want to support local businesses), but when I find an awesome deal at Half Price Books, I am filled with glee!

  3. Have a great break, and if you pop in, we'll be here. :-)

  4. Enjoy your break. I'll be off the next two weeks myself. Have a great holiday!

    And I suspected that paperback had to originally be from Scholastic Book Fairs. We get customers all the time telling us, for instance, "But I saw a paperback of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I know I did," and I have to tell them, sorry, we don't carry it in paperback yet. It's not even available to us! Scholastic can get just about anything in paperback for the school market long before it's available to the general public. Grrr.

  5. Thank you, Shannon! Joanne, thank you for sharing that info about paperbacks; I didn't know that complete story! I'm in love with hardcovers myself; they are a wondrous thing.

  6. Have a great break. I'm taking off for two weeks after next Monday's post.

  7. Well, anyone with a name as cool as Arlyce deserves to win, as far as I'm concerned. I can't compete with THAT.

  8. Enjoy your break and see you in the New Year!

  9. Congrats to Arlyce, and thanks for all your book recs, Barbara.

  10. I Loved this one too! Hope you are enjoying your blogging break, and Happy Holidays!


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