Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner of Mockingbird

My daughter thinks it's a hoot to draw names for my giveaway winners from a brown paper lunch sack. So that's how we do it around here, no fancy random-winner-generators. After she draws the name, she wants to know all about the person behind the name on the paper, and I tell her what I know. It's a fun little thing we share.

The name she drew today and
the winner of Mockingbird is:

Blair Loder!
*Confetti falls*
Blair is a co-founder of the  National Homeschool Book Award. 
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Happy reading!


  1. Congratulations, Blair!

    I love the brown paper bag, and the interest of your daughter, and the sharing of knowledge behind the name!

  2. Yay for brown paper bags and the old fashioned way of drawing a name!

    Happy reading and congrats to Blair.

  3. Congrats Blair! That's fun that you let your daughter pick the winner.

  4. Congrats to Blair!I loved this book.


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