Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The ABC's of Middle Grade: D is for Danger

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I'm taking a blogging holiday but I wanted my middle grade alphabet march to march on despite that, so here it is--on Wednesday. And on Thursday you can think of me wishing I were eating pizza (but thankful I'm surrounded by family). And now, on we go to the letter D.
D is for DANGER! Middle grade characters must be placed in it. *cue strange, eerie music* No matter how much we love our characters, danger needs to find them. Peril is necessary. They must meet a threat, encounter risk, or hazard their way through crisis. *strange, eerie music concludes* And it can come in many forms and follow various avenues.
  • Danger can be internal, coming from inside our character
  • Danger can come from what other characters think, say, or do
  • Danger can mean being found out
  • Danger can come from a character's fears
  • Danger can result from a physical setting
The list can go on and on. My point is simple, we cannot protect our characters. But my question is this: what sort of danger is your character(s) encountering in your current work? I would love to hear.


  1. Right now my mc is in some serious danger from one nasty ghost.

    Thanks for this post, Barbara (and your one on Fear, too!).

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love your short and punchy posts. Great idea with the ABC's of middle grade writing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. LMAO!!!
    It's funny we're talking about this.
    I put my main character through hell lately (for my nano project). She'd had to deal with a strange world with strange rules to begin with, then there are rebels, a spirit, some thieves, a sand storm, a mad king's patrol, and so on... O_o
    I didn't know I had that much until I started listing the dangers. lol
    Ah well, action gets me writing so I bet my characters hate me right now. :D
    Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

  4. Deb Marshall and I seem to be writing the same book!

    I love your MG Alphabet. It is always so well-written and timely.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara. I'm grateful this year for finding your blog and getting to know you. (But Ppizza over turkey? Egads!)

  5. What fun to hear about your danger! I keep re-evaluating the danger in my current work to make sure it is enough . . .

    Thanksgiving was lovely; thank you for the wishes.

  6. My danger involves the keeping/spilling of a secret. Reputation and being "normal" can be a real danger to lose, at least to a middle grade reader. Thanks, Barbara~


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