Monday, October 3, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street

Another beautiful cover. It sucks you right in, doesn't it? Makes you want to take this book, sit in this tree's shade, and read the afternoon away. One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street, written by Joanne Rocklin and released earlier this year, is the tale of a tree -- although the story is told through kids, kids who live on Orange Street near the towering, old Valencia orange tree. And in telling the tale, readers meet generations of people who knew and loved the tree. It's a story that makes you wonder, what if the tree could speak? And in one chapter, the tree does.

The premise: One morning an orange traffic cone appears in front of the Valencia orange tree on Orange Street. Bunny, Leandra, Ali, and Robert - all neighborhood kids - wonder WHAT the cone means. They fear something awful is going to happen to their beloved tree. And who is the mysterious stranger in the green car?

What keeps readers reading: Finding out the fate of the tree! But, more importantly, through the course of one day and the following morning, readers discover family relationships, fears, friendships, and a forgetful old woman who's lived on Orange Street longer than anyone else. Readers learn about past families and current residents of Orange Street, all guided by an orange tree and an orange traffic cone. This softly woven story by Joanne Rocklin delves into the everyday life of people, but One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street shares how everyday things are anything but ordinary.

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  1. You're so right about the cover. It does totally suck you in. Thanks for sharing about this.

  2. Totally agree on the cover. This is a Cybils nominee, and I am eager to read it!

    Nice job on the review!

  3. I had to google the Cybils. Michael, you are so much more in the know than I. :-)

  4. Barbara, thanks for this. " everyday things are anything but ordinary" says exactly what I was trying to express.

  5. AND--the amazing cover is the work of Chris Buzelli!

  6. Joanne, thank you for stopping by! A friend of mine told me about your book - she also leads a kid's book club, which my kids attend, and featured your book in September.

  7. This is sitting on my shelf. Must get to it!


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