Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revising: Post 2

When it comes to revising, I'm a turtle. Yep. Definitely a turtle. It's a good thing I adore turtles and find them too cute for words. Every revised page of my printed manuscript now looks something like this. That's an awful lot of red pen and arrows and notes-to-self. But it doesn't get better until it gets messier, right?

Whenever I'm revising, I remind myself of revising's definition: to change, amend, and improve. IMPROVE. I focus on the improving part. A little over halfway through this first round of revisions, I still discover something each time I tweak.
  • Writing is still more fun for me than revising.
  • But I'm appreciating revising more than I did at first.
  • I'm slower than I thought I would be at revising.
  • Each change makes my story stronger.
  • Sometimes one little revision triggers a WHOLE LOT of revision later on.
  • Solid, genuine critique enriches my story.
  • I dream about actually finishing this round of revisions.
  • Each change makes my story stronger.
So, who's on the revising road with me? What discoveries have you made? And tell me, what kind of revising animal are you?


  1. I'm a Tasmanian Devil when it comes to revising, until the end, when I print out the manuscript, grab my red pen, and read it outloud. That's when I slow down. I'm drafting new stories right now, but I can't wait to shift into revision mode. Best wishes with yours!

  2. I have no idea what kind of animal I am. But I love revising. It's the polishing part--the writing is fun, but it can also be tedious--the part where the story is just taking shape and you feel like it's just a blob, not a ladder the reader can climb. I like having the ladder built and just making sure each step is sturdy and, um, well-written. (I guess that's where my metaphor falls apart!)

  3. Sometimes one little revision triggers a WHOLE LOT of revision later on.

    How true that is!

  4. Angelina, what a great image - the tasmanian devil!

    Kristen, I love knowing (and NEED to know) that others love revising! I am learning that the polishing looks lovely on the other side though.

    Michael G-G, I KNOW, right??!!? =)

  5. If you are a turtle... then I am a snail... *sigh*
    On the bright side you ARE revising and NOT hating it. I bet with time and more red ink we will all get better at it and possibly enjoy it for real. :)
    I have a rewrite patiently waiting for me *shifty eyes*

  6. Akoss, I laughed so hard about the snail!!!!! It's interesting to me how some writers love revising and some do not. And while I'm not in the love category, I do love seeing the improvements and my story strengthening.

  7. I would say I am a revising cat. I can't let a bad word or phrase patter by without pouncing on it. Some writers like to get it all down and then fine tune later, but I tend to edit as I write- like Kristen, I want to be sure "each step is sturdy" or sturdy enough before proceeding. And then, after some time passes, I revisit the sections, and pounce again. It's ongoing...Who said writing is easy?

  8. Iza, the image of a cat is so STRONG! What a great analogy. Thank you for sharing!


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