Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Writing Tree

When I walk my dog, which is nearly every day, we take a meandering path leading us through a park and out into the woods. And because dogs aren't too interested in people chatter when they walk, I ponder and reflect. And solve all sorts of problems. Okay, not really. But I work through the problems in my writing.

As we walk, my dog and I pass by this tiny tree, and each day this tiny tree inspires me -- and my writing. Just in case the photo doesn't do the tree justice, this is the tree's story.

The tiny tree was growing. Then it broke. In half. Likely in a wind storm last spring. Its main trunk snapped, and its treetop now lies on the ground. But the tiny tree did not die; it did not give up. Inside its tree-self, it decided to keep growing, even though it grows differently than every other tree in the woods. Now, in early fall, the tiny tree has numerous new branches sprouting upwards, as well as the original treetop growing sideways. (Wouldn't this make a perfect picture book?)

Keep the image of my writing tree tucked inside your writing self. This little tree has so much to say. And what do you have to say - are there things you see that inspire what you write?


  1. So inspirational, Barbara! This is what I love about writers, their ability to see the profound in the mundane. And I love walking to work out problems as well! :-)

  2. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH I love that tree. I want to wrap it up in Linus' blanket like on charlie Brown. What a wonderful story.

  3. Perfect. I love your writing tree.

  4. Maybe one day my writing tree will grow large enough where I can sit in its shade.....and write. :-)

  5. What a wonderful story...maybe it needs decorations, come December!
    Thanks for a great post.

  6. Great and inspiring post!

    (For some reason, Blogger's not letting me comment except anonymously. But it's me, Michael, the MG Mafioso.)

  7. Blogger, you're a finicky beast. I guess it was pouting because I had checked the "stay signed in box." Anyway, just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your post very much--and that walking is my favorite method to hashing out problems--writing or any other!

  8. Kristen, I like that idea!

    Michael, maybe the world needs to walk everyday and problems would get solved. :-)


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