Thursday, August 18, 2011

Minnesota Mondays

All summer on Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays, I've shared books written by my fellow Minnesotans. It's been an adventure, gathering and reading books by talented writers who make their home in the same state I do. Today I'm closing my segment of Marvelous Middle Grade Minnesota Mondays by compiling all the books that were part of this romp. Take time to read each one, for they are all truly marvelous. Follow the label 'Minnesota Mondays' to read all of the past posts.

Please find the links to all other MMGMers in my right sidebar. And thank you for spending some of your summer here on the blog with me as I've shared Minnesota writers with you.

Happy middle grade reading!


  1. What a great list for my TBR! Thanks.

  2. This was a great series to follow. It helped boost my middle grade read and I have you to thank for that. Oh and also what a great idea of putting them all together in one summarizing post.

  3. I'm reading Breadcrumbs right now!

    How amazing to think all these wonderful writers are from your home state.

  4. Great list! And I love the idea of Minnesota Mondays. Wonderful!

  5. Thanks for all of the great recommendations!


Comments. Yay! They're almost as good as chocolate. Almost.