Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging Break

Everyone needs a vacation once in awhile, and because summer is waning - and summer is a true love of mine - I'm heading out on a blogging break. Except for Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays. I'll stick my nose back inside the house to type out those. I've highlighted my home state (Minnesota) middle grade authors all summer and have a few left to feature (not that my list is exhaustive).

If you live where winter resides, you know how fleeting summers are in a northern climate. If you live where summer, or something close to it, is a year-round normality, imagine me with green skin staring back at you through my computer screen, arms crossed over my chest.

For the next month, I'll be doing a lot of this. ~~~~~~~>
(Yes, those are my toes).
And a lot less blogging.


  1. I admired you kept on this long!

  2. I've not felt the urgency of summer until August began. You know, summer stretches before you in glorious wonder. And's August!

  3. You should come to AZ. It will keep you warm and toasty. LOL
    I on the other hand could use a lot less triple digit temps. uhg!!! and hot and steamy storms? UGH!!!
    I'm starring back at you with envy. :P

  4. Akoss, we investigated moving to AZ a few years ago - the 'winter' is delightful there! And...I'd rather suffer hot than cold. The dryness of the heat is something so different than MN humidity too. Although I do love our thunderstorms!

  5. A blogging break is good for the soul! (I've just had mine.) Enjoy!!

  6. You deserve a break, Barbara. And you're better than I am. I took an entire month off from blogging and reading blogs -- all of it. Couldn't even keep up with MMGM posts. So congrats! And enjoy.

  7. Thank you, Joanne. I had these MMGM for my MN authors planned out long ago and want to finish. But the break from the other blogging is good. I'm still checking in every now and then at other blogs too.


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