Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just...Stuff...And Jury Duty

This afternoon my family and I leave for a long weekend away, so I won't post a free-for-all Friday this week. My computer will be staying home. It asked me, "Can I just rest for these three and a half days. Please?"  I nodded, a bit begrudgingly, and replied, "Only if you promise that next week we'll get lots done." It smiled and said, "Of course."

My manuscript and red pen are journeying with me. Revisions are ever present in my brain these days. Now, if only I could read and revise in the car.....but motion sickness didn't promise to behave like my computer did.

Next Monday I start jury duty. Actually, I call on Friday afternoon, and they will tell me if my jury pool is required to report on Monday morning. If I don't report on Monday, I call each day thereafter to see if my pool is needed. Part of me wants to be on a case (how intriguing!) but part of me doesn't (ummm, laziness??). What's your experience with jury duty? Been called? Required to report? Get on a case?


  1. I was on jury duty a few years ago and I loved it :) I didn't have to go to work all week, they had really comfy chairs in the courthouse (I worked on my feet all day, so this was a huge plus), I got free food, we were done at 3pm every day, and I was paid both at work AND by the court for my time there.

    It was just a lawsuit type case, so nothing terribly interesting, but I would happily go to jury duty again.

  2. I've been on jury duty. It was extremely dull. I was given a group number and I had to phone in each day and listen to a prerecorded message that said which groups had to show up. I went in at the end of the week.

    After sitting around most of the morning (coffee, but no food), we were called into the court room. The case was personal injury, no particulars given, and they went through a long list of reasons why any of us might be exempted (such as being familiar with the doctor offering testimony or being involved in a similar case). If it applied, you were called up to speak to the judge and the lawyers privately.

    I wasn't chosen for duty, so I was sent home. I was paid, but I don't remember if it was a ten dollar bill or a twenty.

  3. So interesting to hear your experiences. Because I've been on the other side of the table--picking a jury and trying to make my case interesting. Not that I do it very often.

  4. I've always thought it would be quite interesting, but I have a law degree, which means there's no chance I'm going to find out. With any luck there'll be a lot of sitting around and waiting, so you and your red pen can get some quality time together!

  5. All of the above - very interesting. Rebecca and Jaime: such different experiences! My pool was not needed for Monday and so begins my life 'on call' life (literally) for the next two weeks.


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