Friday, May 13, 2011

Writing is Hard

There are days, lots of them, when I wish I wasn't a writer. Because on many days, the words don't flow. Or the outline I made yesterday just doesn't work today. Or the plot twist that seemed brilliant truly is not. Or I struggle getting the picture in my head into words at all.

I've heard other writers say how the story simply came to them and, like moving water in a mountain stream, it flowed from their hands when they sat at the computer. For me, writing isn't like that. Writing is hard. I often sit, hands placed over my keyboard, and......

Nothing. Nothing comes. Or when it does come, I erase and backspace because, well, actually the nothing that came first was better than what came. These are the times I wish I wasn't a writer. But I keep sitting, hands placed over the keyboard, because........

Sometimes. Sometimes something comes. And sometimes the words flow and I don't backspace. And when it does, I forget about the times it didn't because the sometimes are worth all the nothing times.

What do you think? Is writing hard?


  1. Nope - For me, writing is not difficult at all. Idea - bam. Character - bam. Plot, setting - bam. Sit down for a few days and write a picture book - BAM. Revise, revise, revise, submit - bam. Getting published... Now THAT'S difficult. It's like banging my head against the wall -.......bam. :(

  2. Writing is hard, but it's worth it.

  3. smoki2, you're the other writers I wrote about in the post. =) And yes, getting published. Very hard.

    Myrna, so worth it.

  4. Great post, Barbara! I've so been there. Occasionally I get in the zone where the writing flows, but for the most part it's hard. Once I have a rough draft I'm happy because revising (although it's also difficult) is where the WIP begins to take shape and seem real.

    And getting published seems even harder. Not there yet. Someday.

  5. Some days are much more difficult than others. But you'll get there!

  6. Joanne, I appreciate your wisdom. And yes, it's the someday that keeps all of us writing, isn't it?

    L.J. Boldyrev, thank you for stopping by. Most days I simply wish this: more hours in the day, please, for writing...

  7. When I'm having those days, I remember Randy Pausch said, "The brick walls are there for people who don't want it bad enough."
    A bit dramatic but a little drama is good on a rainy day!
    I know I'm late but I missed some blogs over the weekend :)

  8. I'm the sort of writer terrified of first drafts. In fact, I emailed an older, wiser friend yesterday telling her I'm worried I don't have any more stories in me.

    She reminded me I'm the sort of writer who needs to really push through beginnings, to work hard, and trust if I sit long enough, a story will come.

  9. Kristen and Caroline,

    I somehow missed these comments until just now. Thank you for your words, both of you. They are encouraging.


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