Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Return To List

Almost every day I read writing blogs and gather new jewels for my writing crown. These blogs strengthen my craft, my draft, and my knowledge of the writing industry. Sometimes when I read a post I think, "I'll need this later." So I have bookmarked many, and my "Return To" list grows. Here are a few:
  • From Adventure in Children's Publishing: Finishing your draft. Find this post by clicking here.
  • From Nathan Bransford, Author: Details on his writing life. Click here for this post.
  • From Strengthening dialogue. This post is right here.
  • From The Blood-Red Pencil: Using adjectives. Here's this post.
  • From Writing your pitch. Find this post here.
Because my first ever work in progress is now in progress, many posts do not apply at the moment I read them (hence, my bookmarking of them), but they will apply in the future. Do you have a "return to" list of blog posts? Would you share one or two of your favorites here?


  1. Here's a good one on avoiding head-hopping:

    And this site is called "The Best Writer's resource on the Web". It has links for everything: characters, setting, plot, getting published...

    Good luck! :-)

  2. Thank you, Shannon. I'll add them to my list!

  3. Creating a return list is why I blog. I round up all my favorites and list them so I can reference them later. I'm loving Kidlit's post on subtle telling this week.

  4. And I thank you for doing so (your lists). I'll reference many when I need them too. Thanks for the tip on kidlit's posts. Not sure I've been over there this week.

  5. Great list! I have to admit I tend to be lazy about bookmarking stuff--I'm always like "Whatevs, I can just Google it later!" Only then, of course, I don't remember specifics enough to find the things I was looking for.

    Usually I just ask Amie. >_> And she knows which posts I'm looking for.

    You probably already use this, since one of your links is from their blog, but I love the Adventures in Children's Publishing weekly roundup. Sooo many awesome posts listed there, and they make it so easy to access them!

  6. Meagan, sometimes with all the GREAT posts out and about, I forget to check places I know are there (or even listed here)!

  7. There are some great ones listed already. I also love linking through from Twitter. I find that I find the best reading that way.

  8. Tina, I agree. And then I write down where it linked me to so I can remember! So much good information.

  9. You named some great blogs there! I need to be more organized about bookmarking posts I like. I regret it when I don't do that.

  10. I don't really bookmark them. I have a few word files where I note posts, mostly about agents I might query if I ever get my book done. I love The Other Side of the Story like you do and I know Janice has a place where I could search for the helpful ones.

  11. Lisa, my mind is like a filter: it filters everything.....out. Lists are mandatory. =)

    Natalie, that's so true. Many blogs have a great system for finding helpful posts (including yours).

  12. I don't bookmark blogs on writing, but I monitor my blogger reading list which is an easy way to track the blogs I'm following. Here's one I really like: Teaching Authors--6 Children's Authors Who Also Teach Writing

    Thanks for this list, and thanks so much for following my blog, Barbara.

  13. Great post, Barbara! I used to bookmark everything I came across but it was just too much. Janice Hardy's blog is my go-to blog. Also

    I also enjoy Nicola Morgan's blog:

    And if you've never been to Angela Ackerman's blog (The Bookshelf Muse) with her Emotion Thesaurus, Setting Thesaurus, etc, you MUST check it out! So helpful!

  14. Megan, I haven't come across that one. Thank you. Also, thank you for the blog follow back.

    Joanne, the last two are new to me. And I agree, Janice Hardy's and are some go-to's of mine.


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