Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Special

Summer is amazing where I live. Things come to life. Things grow. Things blossom. Things flutter. Beauty is everywhere in my Minneapolis/St. Paul. These photos were captured last summer, in places very close to my house.

In a pond
Outside my back fence
Off my deck

In a flower garden
But summer isn't the only beautiful thing here. Minneapolis/St. Paul is full of amazingly talented writers, and to celebrate that, my summer Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays will be authors who live in my city. I've chosen several authors (some MG, some YA) and their books already but am interested in your suggestions too. In the comments, leave book titles and author names of your favorite Minnesota-written reads. Help me promote the beauty that lives right in my backyard.


  1. OOoo! Very fun! How about, Kate Dicamillo? She is one of my favorites!

  2. Thank you, Tina, and thank you for stopping by.

    Beth, she was not on my list! *shakes head at self* Good grief! Thank you for the reminder.

    Kristen, thank you. Nature inspires me.

  3. Barbara, I can't wait to read your MMGMs featuring Minnesotans. (It's such a good idea, I may steal it and feature Oregonians--there's also a ton of great writers out here.)

    Thank you for your comment on Middle Grade Mafioso today. Your children are very fortunate that you all read aloud together. That is a precious gift, not just of nourishing the imagination, but of connectivity.

  4. Michael, my kids and I just finished reading a book today that will be my first MN MMGM. I'm excited! (and yes, feature Oregonians - cool!)

  5. OMG YOU SAW BAMBI!!! Those are beautiful pics. I used to visit Duluth every year growing up (my dad's birthplace) and I will always love it. Still have family out that way. I'm glad you're celebrating your local authors.

  6. Lisa, yes, he truly was Bambi - as sweet as could be.

    One of the authors I'm featuring this summer is from Duluth!


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