Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Writer

About a year ago I started writing my first book. I worked on it for six weeks. Then, it was done. And I revised. And revised. And revised. Then it sat on my google docs for six months. Untouched. Last week I emailed it to a friend. And before she even finished reading it, I knew it was absolutely horrible, although she didn't tell me so. First drafts always are. First drafts of first books especially.

So I started thinking about my desire to write books and how I could turn that desire into a never-ending supply of dark chocolate from which I would never gain weight (in cliche form - a dream come true). And I had no idea how to do that. So I joined Twitter. That was also last week. And I got barraged with information. Now, I'm attempting to sort through it all.

As I sorted through information, one thing I learned is I need my writing evaluated by other writers. So I joined an online writing group. Also last week. And started reading other writer's work, commenting on their pieces, and sharing some of mine. And learned that writing is a solitary activity that can't be done alone.

And then I thought I should blog about writing. Writing is a process, there's lots to share along the way. But what do I, a fairly new writer, have to share? Especially to writers much more seasoned and professional than myself? And the answer is - a fresh perspective. Excitement about my new-and-not-a-dollar-made job. Refreshment for the many-dollars-made-pro who needs a cold glass of water for that dried up throat.

And to the new writer? What can I offer them? Friendship in the fellowship of writing. Information they may not know. Like you don't need a Mac in order to be a writer. You don't even need Microsoft Word. I have a two-year-old Dell laptop and write on google docs for free.

And the last thing I can tell all writers, new or pro, is - never start a sentence with and. Isn't that what we were always told? Well, that and, never write in short choppy sentences - except when it seems fitting.


  1. Looks like you are having fun with this adventure! Good for you.

  2. Writers don't sleep? Glad I am just a reader.

  3. Good for you, Barbara!

  4. Keep me updated as to how this is going for you! I've taken a gander at the writing field and the wilderness of words looks exciting. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Nice to meet you. I found you through Kristen's blog. :)


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