Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meeting Arthur A. Levine

Last night I had the opportunity to hear Arthur A. Levine speak. Arthur A. Levine Books, an imprint of Scholastic Press, works with new and established authors and illustrators in America and seeks to bring the best of the world's literature to the U.S.

As an editor, publisher, and now author, he has incredible insight into the writing world. And what stories he shared. And words of wisdom for writers and readers alike. He's been around the business, breathed the business, and lived the business. He read his own picture book Monday is One Day, aloud and told the personal story behind its writing.

From Aruthur's furtive meetings in England with Harry Potter's English editor, to locking Harry Potter manuscripts in his household safe, to his love for illustrated picture books, to the writing of his own very personal picture book, Arthur delighted his intimate audience at Wild Rumpus Bookstore in Minneapolis.

One thing he said, perhaps more than any other, inspired my writer's heart, "There's a book for every moment of your life." Yes, there certainly is. And now I will get back to writing one that will someday nestle into a certain moment of yours.


  1. I am so jealous! I didn't realize he was in the cities or I might have tried to make the trip last night! :) So glad you got to see him though . . . there is something so encouraging and inspiring about the success of other writers/authors/agents/editors, and being in their company. I bet you'll be writing today, ea? Have fun and let me know if you ever get wind of other agent/author/publisher appearances—I'd love to meet up with you for something like that!

  2. It was indeed an awesome opportunity. His love of literature was palpable, don't you think? I left inspired...not just to write, but to read and absorb and find those books to treasure.

  3. Beth H - I only found out Th from a tweet sent by the bookstore, but I did know he was in town for a conference at The Loft. Wish I'd been able to attend that too!

    Beth B - If only there were more time in each day or we didn't have to sleep (at all)!

  4. Great opportunity. I would have loved to hear his Harry Potter tales.

  5. Thank you for your kind comments Barbara! To the other nice "B" commenters: I will be at the Red Balloon today (Sunday) at 2pm and would love it if you'd come to the signing.

    Arthur Levine

  6. BFav, it was truly wonderful.

    Arthur! Thank you for stopping by (and reading)! You'll wow your audience at the Red Balloon today too. The best to you,


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